Damian Sanchez

Born in 1987, Damian Sanchez is an award winning music composer and interactive audio creator based in Valencia, Spain. Damian is known for his work on video games on projects like Rise and Shine, Immortal Redneck, the Blues and Bullets episodic game and the upcoming massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure Temtem among others. In the theatre side he has been awarded by the renowned "Premio Max" 2017 to "Best music for scene play" for his work on Mulïer, a show by Maduixa teatre. He is the audio director and CEO of the music and interactive audio production company Sonotrigger.



Classically trained and graduated in Piano, Percussion by the "José Iturbi" music conservatory from Valencia, and Music Composition by the "Salvador Seguí" superior music conservatory from Castellón (Spain), he is self-trained in music technology and music production techniques. His music is defined as a mix between the acoustic and the digital sound. Most of his scores include elements both from modern theatrical orchestral music and 21th century electronic music.


Collaborating with the spanish’s leading game studios, Damian is widely renowned for composing some of the top recent scores in the game development outlook in Spain. His work on Rise and Shine by Super Mega Team, Immortal Redneck by Crema or Blues and Bullets by A Crowd of Monsters, stablished him as one of the top referents in the national game audio industry. His work had been recognized several times, highlighting the nominations at the National Spanish Video Game Industry “Gamelab” awards in 2016 and 2012, the "Jerry Goldsmith" in 2012, and the “Annual Video Game Awards” in 2012. Overseas, he had composed music for the latest 剑侠世界 developed by Seasun Entertainment, one of the leading MMORPG game developers in China for which he had the chance to record with the Macedinian Radio Symphonic Orchestra (F.A.M.E.s) in 2016.


In 2012 he makes the first approach into the scene world composing the music for "Tam-Tam", a show parade by Maduixa Teatre. The good reception of the show brought him the opportunity to work in the music for the "Crida de Fallas 2012" in a pyrothecnic-musical show in which he colaborates with the renowned Ricardo Caballer. Later, he works on the music for DoT (Premio Max and Feten to best family show 2015), and Mulïer (Premio Max to best street theatre and Best music composition for scene show, 2017). Curranekt he works for several theatre companies, highlighting the already mentioned Maduixa Teatre, PanicMap with Juan Pablo Mendiola and Producciones Adisac, for whom he wrote his first musical theatre "EL umsical de Charlie y la fábrica de chocolate".

Selected Projects

Video Game

  • - "Temtem" | Music Composer and Audio Lead | Crema, TBR 2020. [PC-XO-PS4-SWITCH]
  • - "Gris" | Additional Sound Designer | Nomada Studio Barcelona, TBR 2018. [PC-SWITCH]
  • - "Rise and Shine" | Music Composer and Sound Designer | Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team and Adultswim Games, 2017. [PC-XO-PS4]
  • - "Immortal Redneck" | Music Composer and Audio Lead | Crema, 2017. [PC-XO-PS4-SWITCH]
  • - "Anima: Gate of Memories" | Music Composer | Anima Project Studio and Badland Publishing, 2016. [PC-XO-PS4-SWITCH-WiiU]
  • - "Blues and Bullets: (I) Shaking the Hive(II) The end of peace." | Music Composer and Sound Designer | A Crowd of Monsters, 2015-16. [PC-XO-PS4]
  • Scene / Theatre

  • - "Mulïer" | Maduixa Teatre, 2016.
  • - "dOt" | Maduixa Teatre, 2014.
  • Check complete credits list at Sonotrigger Studio site.


    Damian Sanchez's video game music reel '16 Vimeo



    Awards & Recognition

    • "Best music composition for theater" for Mulïer. XX Max Awards, 2017
    • "Winner Best Original Soundtrack" for I've just had a dream Ballston Spa Film Festival, 2015.
    • "Winner Best Original Soundtrack" for Hidrólisis VI Cortocomenious Short Film Festival, 2012.
    • "Winner Best Music in Publicity" for Eurona, la teleco social VI Jerry Goldsmith International Awards, 2012
    • "Winner Best Original Soundtrack" for La Cruz Plasencia en Corto Short Film Festival, 2012
    • "Winner Best Original Soundtrack" for Abril CORTOSenOFF International Short Film Festival, 2012
    • "Winner" with Sueño y Esperanza 1st International Composing Competition Sincronic, 2010
    • "Nominee Best Music and Sound" for Blues and Bullets Spanish Videogame Industry Awards, 2016
    • "Nominee Best Music and Sound" for Anima: Gate of Memories Spanish Videogame Industry Awards, 2016
    • "Nominee Outstanding Contribution - Independent Composer" Annual Video Game Awards, 2012
    • "Nominee Best Score Independent" for Supermagical Annual Video Game Awards, 2012
    • "Nominee Best Music in Free Creation" for Supermagical VII Jerry Goldsmith International Awards, 2012
    • "Nominee Best Sound" for Supermagical Spanish Videogame Industry Awards, 2012
    • "Nominee Best Music in Documentary" for Tierra sin mal VI Jerry Goldsmith International Awards, 2012
    • "Nominee Best Music" for Zhao XI Premis Tirant del Audiovisual, 2008

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